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HiiLIFE specialise in creating the ultimate cinema experience all from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it be through MicroLED or Projection our team of specialists will be able to help

The One and Only

With pixel-perfect picture quality on an endlessly stunning, edge-to-edge screen and phenomenal built-in sound, MICRO LED brings revolutionary audiovisual technology into your home.

Micro LED technology

Engineered to change the world of displays. MICRO LED technology uses micrometer-sized LEDs that self-illuminate, so that each individual pixel works independently to create its ownlight and colour. Made from inorganic materials, these long-lasting, micro-sized LEDs deliver true-to-life colour at any brightness – and that’ll look incredible for years to come. Unearthing flawless colour, infinite contrast and spectacular brightness, ground breaking MICRO LED technology ushers in a new era of pixel-perfect picture quality that lasts.


Go for a true cinematic experience and discover how a tailored solution can make your home entertainment more immersive than you could ever imagine.

With extremely high contrast ratios and brightness, films feel more alive and sport is even more compelling with our market-leading technology.

Arena sound

The ultimate viewing experience deserves epic sound to match. Speak to our design engineers who can take your sound to a whole new level of immersion.

Custom design

Every cinema is different and with our team of in-house design experts, we can help you achieve your vision for your new cinema in a fun, friendly, and efficient way to maximise each room’s potential.

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